• Formation / Incorporation of JSC (joint-stock company) in Russia

Joint-stock company (JSC) is a company,  which the authorized capital is divided into definite number of shares; shareholders bear no responsibility for its obligations and run the risk, within the value of shares belonging to them, of losses associated with the company’s activity.

There are two types of joint-stock companies in Russia: Public stock company and Private stock company.

Public stock company may have unlimited number of shareholders and shareholders of Public stock company command their shares freely Public stock company has rights to realize public subscription to the shares issued by it and sell them on the open market..

Private stock company is a company which shareholders have a pre-emptive right to buy shares sold by other shareholders. The number of shareholders in a Privat stock company in Russia does not exceed 50 people; otherwise, it is subject to the transformation into a Public stock company within a year and, upon the expiration of this period, to judicial liquidation unless their number decreases to the prescribed limit. Private stock company has no right to hold a public subscription to its shares or for that matter offer them for sale to the general public.

In short, joint-stock companies in Russias are used for complex ownership structures, because they are subject of regulation by the Federal Service for Financial Markets.

Documents required for JSC incorporation:

  • legal entities shall provide: a copy of current version of Charter and Foundation agreement (if available), a copy of the certificate of incorporation, a copy of tax certificate,  and minutes (decision) confirming power of the director);
  • from natural persons – a copy of each participant’s passport.

Information required for JSC incorporation:

  • information on the name of the newly established JSC;
  • information on the location of the newly established JSC;
  • information on the amount of charter capital of JSC;
  • information on quantity and par value of shares;
  • information on percentage of participants’ shares (if more than one founder);
  • information on use (non-use) of simplified tax system;
  • information on Director/General Director and Chief Accountant (if on the payroll);
  • information on the composition of the Board of Directors including names of the members of the Board and Chairman of the Board of Directors (if establishment of the Board of Directors is proposed);
  • information on types of operations of the newly established JSC (OKVED codes);
  • information on number of authorized shares.

Within one month from the date of state registration of the joint-stock company it should register the issuance of shares distributed among the founders of the joint-stock company at its establishment with Federal Financial Markets Service.


19 500 rubles (650 USD), includes:

- drafting of documents;
- payment of state duties;
- signature attestation by the notary;
- registration with Federal tax inspectorate;
- obtaining registration documents;
- stamp manufacturing;
- obtaining statistics codes;
- receiving notices from Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund, Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund.

Additional expenses:
- payment of share capital (from 330 USD);
- legal address (from 600 USD);
- modification of constituent documents
according to individual customer requirements (330 USD, if necessary);
- issuance of shares (from 1650 USD
including costs);
- translation of documents and notarization (if necessary).

Registration timeframe is 2-2,5 weeks.

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