• Accreditation of a Representative office in Russia, Moscow

Representative office of a foreign company in Russia can be opened only against permission of accrediting body.


In order to obtain permission to open a representative office outside Moscow and Saint Petersburg it is necessary to get preliminary approval of its location with the local executive bodies.


Accreditation is provided for 1, 2 or 3 years and can be extended if necessary.


In FSI SRC (Federal State Institution State Registration Chamber) at the Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation together with accreditation the representation is entered in the Consolidated State Register of Representative Offices of Foreign Legal Entities. Entry in the register is mandatory for all representations regardless of the organization they are accredited with. Certificate of entry in the register serves as a proof of official status of the representation at the federal level and it required for opening bank accounts, registration with tax authorities, and procurement of Russian visas and customs clearance.


For entire period of accreditation the representation is provided for a full set of services related to personnel accreditation, visa support, approval of stamps and seals.


Accreditation to establish representations usually is processed within 21 business days from the date of presentation of a full set of documents. if required, accreditation process can be reduced to 7 business days.


Period of accreditation

Cost (in USD)

1 year

1 000

2 years

2 000

3 years

2 500

List of documents required for accreditation of representative office of a foreign company in Russia:   


  • Foreign company certificate of registration or extract from trade (bank) register (document is valid for 6 months from the issue date);

  • Foreign company charter (if legislation of the foreign company state of registration does not provide for the company charter, provide the document confirming this provision, issued by the authorized body of the country of registration);

  • Decision of the foreign legal entity about opening (accreditation) of a representation in Russian Federation in the city of Moscow, approval of the provision on representation and appointment of the representation director;

  • Letter of recommendation from the bank servicing the foreign legal entity in the country of registration confirming ability to pay debt (document is valid for 6 months from the issue date). Letter shall include the bank stamp or signature of the bank employee shall be notarized;

  • Unlimited transferable power of attorney authorizing the head of representation of the foreign legal entity (including the right to sign and approve a provision on representation, on appointment of the representation director, etc.);

  • Document on registration of the foreign legal entity with the tax authorities of the country (certificate from the tax authority of the foreign country in an arbitrary form about registration of the foreign company as a taxpayer in the country of incorporation, including the taxpayer code (or its equivalent);

  • Document confirming representation address (notarized copy of the certificate of proprietorship, letter of guarantee or lease agreement) (if not available – provided against a separate agreement);

  • Foreign documents are submitted only with the original marks of consular certification (apostille), together with Russian translation certified in Russian consulate. Responsibility for conformity of submitted document to requirements lies with the party that provided the documents.  

Registration period – from 25 days.  


29 700 rubles (990 USD), includes:

- documents drafting;
- documents submission;
- obtaining certificates;
- registration with Federal tax inspectorate;
- stamp manufacturing;
- obtaining statistics codes;
- receiving notices from Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund, Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund.

Additional expenses:
- legal address;
- translation of documents and notarization.

Registration period - 25-45 days.

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