Opening a bank account in Russia

Herman & Smith can assist in opening a settlement and/or currency account or direct banking in Russian banks of your choice.

Russian banks open bank accounts to the clients and deposit accounts subject to client’s civil and legal capacity.

Bank accounts in Russia and deposit accounts are opened against conclusion of bank account agreement, bank deposit agreement and provision of all documents specified in Russian Federation legislation.


Timeframe – 3-5 days (depending on the bank terms and conditions).


3000 rubles (about 100 USD) - for assistance
of opening of account in Russian Bank;

1050 rubles (about 30 USD) - for opening
every additional account in the same bank.

Opening timeframe – 3-5 days.

Contact information

+7 (495) 504-12-15; +7 (495) 626-05-31


21/5 Kuznetsky most str.,
107031, Moscow, Russia,
PO Box 43.