Special Offer for developers, manufacturers and distributors of drug formulations, food supplements and medical devices.

Herman&Smith has started the year 2013 with a broader scope of services. We have enhanced our Moscow staff team with highly qualified legal advisors each having more than 10-years experience with Russian and foreign pharmaceutical companies. Our experts can handle any case being within the scope of pharmaceutical business, medicines, food supplements and medical devices, R&D, production and distribution in Russia. All of them speak foreign languages.

We have also invited to our Moscow team marketing, regulatory and international trade experts dealing with the matters of market analysis, worldwide products search, R&D, negotiations and obtaining marketing approvals in Russia which allows us to offer to our clients end-to-end solutions related to receiving rights for the products, their development, production, supply and commercialization in Russia.

This new scope of services includes the following marketing, legal and consulting services.

Marketing services:

  • searching worldwide new pharmaceutical or supplementary products pursuant to the client’s needs and requirements;
  • assessment of possible market share;
  • working-out marketing strategy;
  • working-out products portfolios;
  • initial negotiations with perspective counteragents;
  • GR.

Intellectual property:

  • patent search;
  • trademarks registration;
  • registration of IP rights;
  • drafting, expertise of license agreements (including ones based on laws of England);
  • drafting, expertise of IP rights transfer agreements (including ones based on laws of England);
  • drafting, expertise of R&D agreements (including ones based on laws of England).

Foreign trade consulting and legal services:

  • preparation and participation in negotiations related to international dealings with medicines, food supplements and medical devices;
  • drafting / expertise of supply, distribution, agency, R&D, technology transfer contracts and other agreements related to circulation of medicines, food supplements and medical devices (including ones based on laws of England);
  • due diligence of existing and working-out new international trading schemes;
  • tax risks revealing and elimination thereof.

Consulting and legal analysis of:

  • advertising;
  • antitrust regulation;
  • government purchases;
  • foreign economic activity.

Marketing Approvalcomplex solution:

  • medicines and food supplements dossiers auditing;
  • consulting on medicine/food supplement registration perspectives;
  • advises on improvement of dossiers and data;
  • preparation of documents set required for obtaining the Marketing Approval;
  • arranging pre- and clinical studies/trials;
  • work with Ministry of Healthcare;
  • complicated cases.

Contact information

+7 (495) 504-12-15; +7 (495) 626-05-31


21/5 Kuznetsky most str.,
107031, Moscow, Russia,
PO Box 43.