Closing of a Representative office or a Branch in Russia, Moscow

Closing or liquidation of a Representative office or a Branch in Russia is possible upon expiration of the accreditation term specified in the permission for a Representation and in the certificate for a Branch of a foreign legal entity.

Following a decision of the foreign legal entity activities of its Representations or Branchs in Russia can be ceased prior to accreditation expiration.

Foreign legal entity shall notify Registration Chamber on the decision made. Based on received notice the Registration Chamber prepares a letter with a notice on the foreign legal entity’s Representation or a Branch termination of activities for presentation to the relevant state authorities of the Russian Federation.

When a Representation or a Branch is closed, its accreditation documents shall be returned to the Registration Chamber, and seals and stamps shall be delivered for destruction. Accreditation cards are returned to the Registration Chamber.

Letters with the notice on representation or branch termination of activities is drafted within 18 business days from the date of submitting a full set of documents. If required, preparation process can be reduced to 5 business days.

Following receipt of a letter on termination of activities of a Representation or a Branch on the territory of the Russian Federation in the Registration Chamber, it is necessary to deregister the foreign legal entity in Tax Inspection № 47 in Moscow and in non-budget state funds and statistics bodies.

Required Information and Documents:

  • SRC permit and certificate (originals);
  • Tax registration certificate (original);
  • By-laws of the representation (branch), registered with SRC (original);
  • MOSGORKOMSTAT information letter (simple copy);
  • Notices from funds (Pension, Health, Social Insurance) (uncertified copies);
    Power of attorney for the Head of representation (shall be legalized or apostilled, with notarized translation into Russian);
  • Decision of the foreign organization to close the Representation (branch)(shall be legalized or apostilled, with notarized translation into Russian).

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